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A Brief History of Liberia and Africa’s Iron Lady | Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

With its rocky history of violent civil wars, military coups and strongman warlords, very few outside observers would have expected the Republic of Liberia to be the nation that would produce Africa’s first ever female head of State. Referred to as Africa’s ‘Iron Lady’, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made history in January 2006 when she was inaugurated as Liberia’s first female president. Sirleaf’s election was celebrated all around the world as a truly momentous occasion and a ground breaking step in the push for women’s empowerment in Africa. However, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s 12 years at the helm of one of Africa’s most volatile nations would be a bitter-sweet mixture of great triumph and great disappointment.

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Written by: K.B. Taiwo & Wame Gabaake

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