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A Helping Hand

The pandemic has given us all more data. Here’s how you can secure it.

Ever since the pandemic began and we’ve all had to cope with the associated lockdowns, bored internet users have been signing up for online services in droves to keep us productive, entertained and fed. According to recent research, the average adult now manages passwords for 100 online services, up around 75 just a year ago.

The problem is that, as a security measure, passwords are broken. While they’re one of the oldest and widespread digital mechanisms we have, but they’re no longer sufficient to protect our personal data. The characteristics of a good password (long, unique, with a variety of character types) make it almost impossible for humans to keep track of them all in our heads, so most users tend to choose passwords that are easy to remember and therefore easy to crack.

Meanwhile, as computing power has increased exponentially, it has become trivial for hackers to not only crack a huge proportio...

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