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#BLAKADEMIK – Working It Out With Ayshah Tull

Working It Out is a Blakademik production hosted by Jordan Jarrett-Bryan delving in to his three different careers of Sport, Media and Music. With guests spanning across these three different industries, we take a long look by holding long-form discussions with guests who have been inside the belly of these industries asking them to explain their journey and their route in. How did they do it – Why did they do it and what have been the growing pains throughout? Drawing on their knowledge and expertise to find out what it takes to make it in those industries and having a laugh along the way.


We Kick off the fantastic Channel 4 News Journalist and Presenter Ayshah Tull. Ayshah talks about her entry point in to journalism, her best and worst stories and meeting Rihanna…kind of.

All episodes are available on Apple Podcast and Spotify

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