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Black Women Dying Giving Birth

S03E05: Why are black women at a higher risk of dying during childbirth?
Black women are more likely to die from complications during pregnancy & childbirth than asian and white women. From the unknown working class woman, to the Beyonce & Serena Williams. Across the board, maternity care for most Black women seems to be a negative experience. Why?

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Who’s Failing Our Youth?

With the continuous rise in knife crime, children born into single parent homes and a seemingly indifferent government. All situations that affect the [Black] youth across the UK and families at large; we ask, who is responsible?

What Are Blerds?

We’ve all seen the typical stereotypes of Nerds (& Geeks); White male, oversized glasses & a social hermit. But over the years, the once unexplored “nerd culture” has become a mainstream phenomenon.

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