It’s All Blakademik is a panel debate show, discussing current affairs issues relating to the culture. Discussing various topics, on a weekly basis; exchanging opinions, experiences and expertise. It’s an honest, engaging and progressive discussion with the intention of giving Black people a platform that they might not have otherwise, but also challenging why people think what they think.

This is an important show for the Black community, but also wider audiences and communities. It’s important that Black people, especially young black people, see intelligent, successful, aspirational figures from a variety of industries. In order to be it, you have to see it and seeing our guests share their experiences from a position of expertise, will inspire our viewers. It’s equally as important to show our audience the art of debate and navigating your opinion through a difference of opinion.

Behind the scenes, the shows are produced to a quality standard by Black passionate and talented creatives, now with their own platform to showcase their skills. We’ve been inundated with more camera operators, videographers, editors, producers, photographers, graphic designers, sound men whom are all keen to get involved. 

Our mission is to change the narrative. If you agree with what we are up to, please consider making a donation to keep the movement going.

Thank You!