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Don’t Trust The Lustre For Scottish Independence

As Black people in this country, our parents were confronted with British Nationalist hostility in the post war era. Due to Brexit and the government’s initial response to the pandemic, Scottish nationalism is rising quickly and support for independence has polled consistently above 50% since last May.

However, unlike any other nationalist movement, Scottish Nationalism is often celebrated by the Left. It’s seen as progressive, inclusive and largely pro-European, but should Black Britons trust the nationalists' progressive hype? 

The problem I have found is this “soft” form of Scottish Nationalism is largely a façade which conceals the usual sinister behaviours of nationalism. Such as, framing a group of people-a nation or ethnic identity, as an “other” to solidify a nation’s identity. This makes it virtually impossible to make Scotland’s nationalism inclusive, as long as it is still nationalist per se. 

Recently, to solidify their argument for independence, a Scott...

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