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Herbalist reveals 4 WAYS to avoid herb side effects

✑ Avoid herb side effects with these simples tips I’ve tried and tested. Herbs like tongkat aliare a natural hack but sometimes how you take it can determine side effects, find out the whole story here.

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Some of the ways to avoid side effects from using herbs like ashwagandha is to buy natural, buy safe, avoid over using, listening to the body and cycling.

00:00-00:15 – Introduction
00:43-01:04 – Herbal safety
01:04-02:00 – What are side effects?
02:01-03:02 – Drug-herb interactions
03:02-05:45 – Importance of herb form
05:51-07:26 – Buying herbs safely
07:26-10:45 – Herbs vs supplements

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