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Our Goals Don’t Align So We Can’t Date!!!

Sometimes you want pasta, and your partner wants a burger. And sometimes you want to live in the UK, and your partner wants to live in Africa. Is it the end of the relationship when you and your partner have different goals?

The thing is, sometimes partners have different goals in the future – although it can sound scary. You can manage these issues and make your future a reality.

In this episode, Eman and Mimi answer the question, “What to do if your partner has different goals?” They explain how partnership and commitment affect the individual’s goals, the negative things that have a negative impact on a relationship, and the financial aspect of it. They also point out the importance of controlling your emotion, being flexible, and learning how to find the middle ground if you have different goals with your partner.


• Understanding your commitment to your partner
• The importance of taking responsibility for relationships
• How to connect with someone who has similar goals to yours
• What are the money matters in a relationship
• How to control your emotions when you are in a relationship
• The reason why broke is a mindset; and
• Learn to compromise and not compromise with your different goals


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