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Parenting In The Pandemic | How I Look After My Family, and Myself

What can I say about fatherhood in the pandemic? As all parents took a collective sigh of relief on Monday 8th March when the schools reopened, it felt like a massive weight being lifted off our shoulders. That might sound heartless and a bit like I don’t love my child. I do. Honest. It’s just I don’t want to spend all day every day with them, especially while I am attempting to hold down a fulltime job, keep my side hustle alive and trying to maintain my health and wellbeing in the 3 and a half minutes of the day that is left over. This time last year I felt like I needed more quality time with my daughter, as most parents probably did, little did I know that in the 12 months to come we would be cooped up at home together for days on end. I certainly got my wish of my time; it is the quality bit that did not quite deliver.

For fatherhood, there has been some positive progress on the collective role of dads in the UK. Dads took on a 58% increase in childcare during the first lo...

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