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Should I Go To Uni? Is University Worth It? Is University A Scam?


I Do Finance, Accounting & Management at the University of Nottingham.
I Got BBB In My A-Levels: Maths, Economics & Politics

In This Video, Poku Banks begins to talk about the university he goes to (University Of Nottingham) and the common belief about uni which is ‘you need university to be successful in life’ which is certainly not true. He then goes on to talk about the history of university tuition fees which rose from £0/year to £9250/year.

Student Numbers have doubled since 1992 in higher education.

The amount of people graduating with higher honours (1st or 2nd class upper) is well above 60% of students. 90% in Oxbridge universities. This is also known as Grade Inflation.

Not Sure If Your Job Requires A Degree?

He then goes to talk about the truth and reality of Student Loans, they really aren’t debt at all, it’s closer to being a tax on earnings rather than a debt burden. The people who gain the most financially out of university contribute the most to paying off student loans, otherwise, the Government takes care of the rest.

Should You Go To Uni? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself truthfully:
1. Can You Learn Your Desired Profession Without A Uni Degree?
2. Are you excited to experience the Uni lifestyle? (Partying, Networking, Living By Yourself, Etc)
3. Do You Know Exactly How To Get To Your Desired Profession?

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