Black Women Succeeding

S02E07: We’ve heard of Madam C. J. Walker & Oprah; Black women who succeeded through hardship.
In 2019, It seems there is a surge of successful Black women around the world; especially in fields once reserved solely for White men.
Is this a new phenomenon? Has social media allowed Black women’s stories to be showcased & celebrated? 
#BlackWomen #BlackGirlMagic #Blakademik

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Executive Producer /Creator; Jordan Jarrett-Bryan
Director; Francis Kunlay Oshy
Editor; Zuri Jarrett-Boswell
Camera Operators; Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey, Warren Williams, Tamuka Walker, Shalom Atuanya
Soundman; Zuri Jarrett-Boswell
Photographer; Andy Commons
Social Media Management; Shalom Atuanya

Serena Williams: The Athlete. The Woman. Her Legacy

S02E02: From the age of 4; Serena Williams has trained to become one of the worlds greatest athletes. Highest ranking female tennis player, 70+ career titles, 8 figure winnings.. the list goes on.
With her life under a magnifying glass & her actions scrutinised; how does this affect her legacy?

#SerenaWilliams #Tennis #BlackExcellence


Executive Producer /Creator; Jordan Jarrett-Bryan
Director; Francis Kunlay Oshy
Producer; Stephanie Davies & Alex Reads
Editor; Alice Wagstaffe 
Camera Operators; Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey, Zuri Jarrett-Boswell, Zander Brown, Tamuka Walker
Soundman; Zuri Jarrett-Boswell
Photographer; Andy Commons 
Social Media Management; Shalom A

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