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Miles Bassett

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The Black Tory Paradox

I’m a mixed-race man and identify as a Conservative. Yes, this is a shock to some, but why?

As a British politics postgraduate from King's College London, I have been involved with the Conservative Party for just under four years. Yet, I don't want to talk in this article about why Black people should join the Conservative Party. Instead, I’m going to focus on the psychological purgatory I, and I am sure many others have found myself trapped in-the moral and logistical paradox of being Black and Conservative.

I became a Conservative due to my core instincts. For instance: I’m a eurosceptic and I feel uneasy over long-term high public spending. I may not agree with Kemi Badenoch however, who in her speech to the House of Commons last October, argued the history of Black Britons and Black Americans are incomparable. Yes, they are two separate nations, but Black people on both sides of the Atlantic suffered from mass-oppression, and racism is the same regardless of what country it ...

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