About Blakademik

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What we do

It’s All Blakademik is a panel debate show, with black people discussing current affairs issues relating to the culture. Discussing various topics, on a weekly basis; exchanging opinions, experiences and expertise.

Mainstream television only seems to want to show black people en masse within the arenas of entertainment and sport. These are two areas black people excel in.

But the culture has so much more to offer and this platform aims to offer that. The show is a platform that doesn’t say it has the answer but offers alternative prospectives to issues that affect the black community; with intelligent, engaging and progressive black people. If you enjoy seeing black excellence, this is the show for you. Hosted by Jordan Jarrett-Bryan, expect laughs, strong views but mature chat.

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About our host

It's All Blakademik is hosted by Channel 4 News' award-winning Journalist, Jordan Jarrett-Bryan.

He’s an experienced Broadcaster with interests and knowledge across Popular Culture, Music, Sport and more.

Jordan enjoys listening and debating with a wide variety of people, in order to learn and open up diverse thinking.

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Our Crew

Producer & Podcast Producer

Alex R. Holmes

A journalist, writer and podcaster, known for his two podcasts Mostly Lit and What Matters with Alex Reads, and now producing Its All Blakademik TV.



Tsedenia Skitch

Pooling my resources as working for Sky scripted comedy & drama, I brings my skills to Blakademik TV as a Producer


Photographer & Filmmaker

Andy Commons

Portraits and people are my passion when it comes to photography, capturing a personality or soul within an image.



Emmanuel Adebowale

Striving to create. Whether it's behind the camera or to work on an edit. Being involved is all part of fun with It's All Blakademik


Director of Filming

Francis Osinloye

We are on a mission to establish a television network that would stand for years to come, celebrating authenticity and our contribution to society.


Production Assistant

Murielle Boa

I am a production assistant; from guest management to venue arrangements, i aid in facilitating a successful filming day.

Camera Operator

Nathaniel Bagot-Sealey

Responsible for physically operating the cameras and maintaining composition and camera angles throughout the show.

Digital Content Producer

Shalom Atuanya

Im responsible for how we present our digital platforms to the world; through social media management, graphic design and so on.


Camera Operator

Tamuka Walker

I collaborate with creatives on projects of theirs or sometimes my own which has influenced me in my work. It’s all Blakademik has been a big part it.


Shola Adesina

I'm a production assistant; with a passion for storytelling & camera operation. A Journalism student with experience working in TV/Radio broadcasting.


Camera Operator & Editor

Zander Brown

I’ve worked in football media for the last 8 years as well as produce various content in music, travel, fashion, debates and podcast such as this one.


Camera Operator & Editor

Zuri Jarrett-Boswell

I look after many aspects on It’s All Blakademik. I enjoy it because we discuss what I love: music, arts and creativity.