Dane Baptise


Dane Baptiste is a first generation immigrant from Grenada, but on paper, a Black Briton residing in South London.
He is also a Stand-Up comedian, writer, and occasional actor. Started comedy back in 2010, and was the first Black Briton to be nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts and comedy festival in the world.

Since then he has gone on to complete two tours: one being national and international – as well as writing and starring in his own sitcom, SunnyD, which became the first scripted comedy to appear on the BBC with a majority Black British cast in 20 years.

Sunny provided a vehicle for other new young creatives that had no prior television experience to showcase their talents; in return leading to a quasi-spinoff show Famalam, which has revived the Black sketch show is now on its second series.

“It’s All Blakademik is a pleasure to appear on, as it is an integral part of the new wave of Black-focused digital media, as I find the current contemporary offerings on mainstream media tend to obscure the narrative of young black intellectuals, creatives, thinkers and professionals, providing platforms for them to only discuss race relations often to disinterested audiences.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of an uplifting, insightful and hilarious discussion that broaden the spectrum of black creativity, making it more appealing and broader to all parties, black, brown, yellow, purple or otherwise.”