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4 BENEFITS OF GUARANA (& concerns), pre workout herb

Guarana is an ancient medicinal POWERFUL herb. With a long list of therapeutic benefits, Guarana is powerful and inexpensive energy boosted. On this video find out 4 benefits of guarana aka brazilian cocao along with some concerns.

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Some people use guarana for a preworkout in gym for energy and fuel, some use guarana to replace coffee or for it’s other benefits.I use the powdered format in water or in my juices.

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0:00-0:17 – Introduction
0:24-2:11 – History & background
2:12- 4:13 – Energy
4:13-5:21 – Focus
5:13-6:41 – Performance
6:41-7:13 – Drive
7:14-8:00 Concerns

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