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Cancel Culture Doesn’t Exist

An open letter on the limitations of cancel culture.

Cancel Culture was initially used to describe personal disengagements from individuals who caused them harm, it’s now used to flippantly describe all public criticism. 

The ever loosening usage of the term is forcing me to reconsider if it actually exists. Applied to a variety of situations, cancel culture has been used to describe everything from refusing to play R- Kelly’s music at parties to getting fired for using a racial slur during a live broadcast.

But for cancel culture to exist, it would require successful cancellations to take place and for a culture around that action to form.

Now cancellations rely on the idea that someone has been de-platformed and considering  I am yet to find a cancellation target whose detractors are stronger than their employers integrity, I find this idea hard to justify.

One of the biggest conversations around de-platforming for the Black community was that of R.Kelly...

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