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Parenting In The Lockdown | Homeschooling My Kids and Getting To Know My Daughter Better

One year ago, we were in the midst of the announcement by Boris Johnson that there was to be a national lockdown. This meant schools, businesses, shops, everything as you knew it was to shut down.

We literally went from being able to go anywhere and everywhere to suddenly being told you cannot go out (save for food shopping or a small walk), you can’t see your family or friends or anyone that does not live in the same house as you.

This was totally unprecedented. Never in my lifetime and I know for a majority of people has civil liberties been curtailed to the scale that it was. We all know and understand more now about the Coronavirus and the devastating impact that it has had on our lives, personally and professionally. This has been spoken about widely but this article is looking at my experiences of lockdown as a father and husband.

I am married and have two children Xavier who is three and Tahlia who is five-and-a-half-years-old. At the start of the lockdown, Xavier ...

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